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Vichy Idéalia Night Recovery Gel-Balm


Recreate the restorative effects of sleep with the Vichy Idéalia Night Recovery Gel-Balm, a night treatment that will repair and regenerate dull skin overnight.

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Formulated for those who suffer from poor sleep, lack of sleep and desynchronised sleep, Vichy Idéalia Night Recovery Gel-Balm is clinically proven to stimulate the skin’s deep sleep mechanisms, including microcirculation, desquamation and barrier function. The comforting gel-balm texture will leave the skin looking smoother, working overnight to ensure you wake up to a well-rested, fresh and radiant complexion.

The anti-ageing night cream works to recreate the look of a good night’s sleep and reduce the appearance of fatigue. Hyalyronic acid stimulates cell regeneration, glycrryhizic acid from liquorice extract soothes with anti-inflammatory properties, LHA from salicylic acid smoothes and evens out the texture of your skin, and caffeine decongests the skin and stimulates microcirculation.

Apply nightly to clean, dry skin in smoothing motions.


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