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Tisserand Organic Grapefruit Oil


100% pure, organic grapefruit essential oil, extracted from the peel of the fruit

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Grapefruit has a wonderfully sharp, citrus aroma that uplifts the mood and blends well other citrus oils (such as lemon or orange) and also complements more medicinal smelling oils like tea tree and eucalyptus. Grapefruit oil’s acidity makes it a great addition to home-made household cleaning solutions- it’s a fantastic toxin-free method of cutting through grease and grime while also leaving the place smelling fresh!

Do not apply undiluted to the skin, do not take internally, not suitable for use on children under 5. Can be added to massage oils, skin creams, oil burners or diffusers. Works well in household cleaners, but sprays and room fresheners.

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