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The Handmade Soap Company Bergamot & Eucalyptus Diffuser


This reed diffuser is made using a completely natural diffuser base, and essential oils only. Its fragrance is natural, gentle and lasting.

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Lightly spicy, floral bergamot is balanced with gentle eucalyptus to add an air of opulence and frivolity to your room. This Art Deco inspired scent is a romantic and blossoming nod to the flappers and dandies of the 1920s.

Simply remove the cork and insert the reeds into the amber glass bottle. Allow a few minutes for the reeds to absorb some of the fragrance before you carefully withdraw them, turn them upside down and place the dry ends back into the bottle. The oils will slowly travel up through the reeds and begin to diffuse the fragrance. To refresh the scent, turn the reeds every so often.

The fragrance should last up to 4 months. Always wash your hands thoroughly after coming into contact with the oils.

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