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Symprove Live & Activated Bacteria- 4 Week Supply Mango & Passionfruit Flavour



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Product Information:

Symprove Multi Probiotic Liquid is designed to replace or replenish your intestinal bacteria. Symprove is a non-dairy, gluten free water-based barley drink. Officially known as a food supplement, it is the ONLY drink containing live multi-strain bacteria with its own high-speed Unique Delivery System (UDS™).

This means Symprove can transport its unique strains of friendly bugs to your gut unharmed, without upsetting them (or your digestion) in the process.

The 4 strains of live bacteria in Symprove come from the Lactobacilli family and these particular strains are unique to Symprove.

How does Symprove work so effectively?

The unique delivery system protects the live bacteria as they travel through the stomach without triggering digestion and ensures they quickly reach targeted areas of the gut.


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