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SoSu Dripping Gold Velvet Tanning Mitt


Already chosen your favourite Dripping Gold Luxury Tan?

This double-sided, super-soft luxury velvet mitt with improved elastic cuff.The perfect accessory for applying your tan at home, streak-free. The inner waterproof lining will keep your hand protected & stain free. The built-in thumb feature allows for easier application and movement over the body.

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✔Added an anti-slip elastic cuff to ensure a snug and secure fit on the hand
✔Waterproof inner lining means your hand stays dry
✔Built-in thumb allows for easy control and movement on the body
✔Reusable pouch to store your mitt in between uses


Apply our Dripping Gold tanning products in circular motions using the Velvet Tanning Mitt to ensure streak-free and even application.


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