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Sculpted by aimee Complete Cover Up Concealer

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Sculpted Complete Cover Up Concealer shades were developed to be used in tandem with Second Skin Foundations so that your concealer seamlessly blends in.



Choose a shade that naturally blends in with your skin tone if you’re using makeup free or choose a shade that directly matches your foundation so that it camouflages in.

Using your finger or concealer end of our Beauty Buffer Complexion Brush, apply directly to the area you want to. This could be directly onto spots, redness, scars, broken capillaries. Or you might choose to apply into the centre of the face and over the nose to increase coverage
of your foundation. Set with powder after if you wish.

Porcelain: the palest shade in the range and as you can see its a gorgeous porcelain pale with a touch of pink. This is typically a lighter option than what most brands carry for all the lovely porcelain people out there!

Fair: slightly darker than Porcelain but still a very fair neutral toned shade. It’s more yellow in colour which is perfect if you prefer that undertone to a pinky undertone.

Fair Plus: Fair plus is a warmer shade to Fair which you’ll see in color. They’re both considered fair shades but fair is more yellow and Fair Plus is more pink which is needed if you’re a neutral or freckle pink skin.

Light: a light toned shade which is warmer and of a beige tone. Very popular for someone who doesn’t wear their tan too dark or likes to have a daily bit of colour or someone who prefers the warmer shades.

Light Plus: Light Plus is a classic neutral toned shade meaning it’s neither too pink or too yellow but it is more on the neutral yellow side. This will go on any skin tone but particularly on those who prefer a yellow undertone. It’s more neutral to Light which is a warmer shade.

Top Tip: If you have a pinkier undertone go for Light, and if you’re more neutral olive-skin Light Plus is better!

Medium: a yellow tan shade for those that are like a cooler undertone or for those that wear a yellow based fake tan.

Medium Plus: a classic tan shade but its also a warmer more golden shade to Medium.

Tan: another tanned shade that is a really neutral tone. It works on those who wear an orange or red brown tan! This is perfect if you like a tan shade without the orange in it.

Rich: the deepest shade which gives a gorgeous color to the skin with an added touch of warmth.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Airbrushed Finish
  • Stays Put All Day Long
  • Conceals Blemishes, Redness & Scarring
  • Blends Perfectly into the Skin
  • Mineral, Lightweight and Oil-Free
  • 9 shades to match our current Second Skin Offering (more shades will launch in line with our Second Skin extended shades coming soon)

Additional information


Fair 2.0, Fair Plus 2.5, Light 3.0, Light Plus 3.5, Medium 4.0, Medium Plus 4.5, Porcelain:1.0, Rich 6.0, Tan 5.0


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