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Medicare Gel Toe Separators


Medicare Gel Toe Separators are made from ultra-soft gel and provide soothing relief from pain and discomfort caused by corns or blisters between the toes. Gel separators are unique for their moisturising features, which help increase healing time of chaffing skin on the toes. According to feedback from our customers, one can feel the benefit a few hours after their first use.

• Reduce friction and rubbing on adjacent toes
• Also helpful in correct overlapping toes and preventing in-growing toenails
• Shaped gel padding softens, smooths and protects skin
• Hand Washable
• Clear and discreet soft gel material
• 2 Pcs per Pack


These gel toe separators provide immediate relief of irritation between rubbing crooked toes. People who have corns between their toes will also find great relief from pain and irritation.

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