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La Roche-Posay Kerium DS Anti-Dandruff Treating Shampoo


LHA™ procures fine, intense micro-exfoliation to quickly eliminate persistent dandruff.

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Root Targeting Technology places a purifying complex on the scalp and the pilosebaceous follicle to treat dandruff at its source and prevent relapses. Vitamin PP deeply relieves itchiness. From the 1st use, dandruff is visibly eliminated and itchiness is neutralised. After 3 weeks of treatment, the scalp is cleansed for the long-term: 6 weeks after ending treatment, the scalp is still clear of dandruff. The hair is healthy and full of life. Clinically-proven efficacy on persistent dandruff by dermatologists specialised in the scalp. The people who used it judged its excellent cosmetic qualities


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