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Flexiseq 50g


FLEXISEQ is a pain-relieving gel that has been specifically designed to combat joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. FLEXISEQ is formulated to combat joint pain using a new method. FLEXISEQ is drug-free and is topically applied to the joint in pain.

Daily application in the morning and evening can bring improvement in mobility and reduce pain in as little as two days, although most people begin to notice the benefits within just a week.

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Apply twice daily to the affected joint. It is recommended that you apply FLEXISEQ in the morning and at night to skin that is clean and dry.

Use enough gel to evenly cover the whole joint. For example, when treating the knee, we recommend using a gel length of around 6-7cm. It is important to allow FLEXISEQ to dry before covering. Failure to do so may impair the absorption of the product. The gel should dry after about 10 minutes. If drying time takes longer, just use a little less next time.


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