Supplements for COVID-19 – Everything you need to know

May 17 , 2021

Gerard Lynch

Supplements for COVID-19 – Everything you need to know

Supplements can balance nutrient deficiencies in your daily life—but how useful are they in fighting against COVID-19? Let’s find out the answer, through this article. 

With the second wave reporting thousands of new cases every day, worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic is still on the rise. While its vital to understand that social distancing, wearing a mask in public along with other sanitation procedures are the key to resisting the COVID-19 virus, a new study according to the Journal of dietary supplements states that several vitamin and mineral supplements can be useful in reducing the severity of the infection if caught. 

 Your immune system constantly protects your body from foreign bodies such as pathogens, bacteria, viruses and toxins. Therefore, keeping your immune system healthy can help your body fight any diseases or infections. A healthy lifestyle with a nutritious balanced diet, physical exercise and good sleep are the effective ways by which you can keep your immune system healthy. But sometimes our body fails to receive the adequate nutrients it deserves from food alone. This is where supplements come in.   

 Experts say that supplements are an ideal way to keep your body’s immune system at optimal levels. As a result, many health and wellness experts recommend a simple daily supplement routine to ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to keep its immune system functioning healthily. 

 The supplements aid as food and not medications. Research has also shown that supplementing your body daily with certain vitamins and minerals can help improve the body’s immune response, potentially protecting it against illnesses.  

 Before concluding that yes, supplements can be helpful in the fight against COVID-19, we will help understand the further importance of COVID supplements through this article, while trying to solve possible doubts that may arise in the mind of the reader. 

  •  Who should take covid protection supplements? 

 COVID-19 risks are higher in seniors and people suffering from cardiovascular and lung diseases, diabetes or obesity. Besides COVID symptoms are seen worse in those with a weakened immune system as well. Old age is generally linked to gradually declining immunity that is in turn associated with a deficiency in Calcium, Zinc and Vitamins B3, C and D. Therefore, some researchers have cited the possible advantages of using supplements in such cases as part of COVID-19 primary and secondary prevention. Other than that, anyone with mild symptoms can take in covid nutritional supplements to boost their immunity. Talking to a pharmacist is advisable as some supplements won’t work well with any of your existing physical conditions or if you’re already on certain medications.  

  •  What supplements do I take to enhance my immunity during COVID-19?  
  • Please understand that the supplements you take during the pandemic aren’t specific to kill the coronavirus. However, there are still supplements for covid infection that can help you resist the COVID-19 infection by improving your immune system, aiding respiratory health, reducing inflammation and strengthening the body against diseases.  
  • Let’s take a look at such four top covid supplements that can help you: 


Zinccan support your immune system and can also help you fight the common cold. Zinc is also said to have an antiviral activity, where it fights against the virus by either improving the immune cell response or by reducing the ability of viruses to multiply. Zinc supplements can inhibit the virus activity in the throat, by preventing the spread of the infection thus lessening the impact once you start experiencing the COVID-19 symptoms.  

 Vitamin C 

It is one of the highly preferred covid defense supplements, due to its ability to fight the common cold, one of the symptoms of COVID-19. Vitamin C also helps in immunity building by supporting the growth ofwhote blood cells. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help build one’s immune system. Vitamin C supplements are also considered promising in fighting against COVID-19 because of their ability in sustaining healthy lung functioning.  

 Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is vital for maintaining a strong immune system, low levels of which can result in frequent colds, allergic asthma and influenza. Researchers were able to connect low levels of Vitamin D to other respiratory tract infections as well. Vitamin D has been highly recommended as one of the major supplements for covid infection because of its effect on the immune system. Researchers have marked Vitamin D supplements safe and have stated its possibility to help protect people from the virus itself.  

  •  Are supplements helpful to fight against COVID-19? 

Recently, a few clinical trials have explored the possibility that supplements can be effective in fighting the coronavirus. There is reason to be hopeful that these supplements might help in the fight against COVID-19. While there’s no evidential proof that validates the same yet, additional research could show a benefit in certain situations, or with a different dose or formulation of the supplement. So it’s worth keeping an open mind. Even though no research has thoroughly stated the direct impact supplements can have on the pandemic, doctors still advise taking them routinely because of the impact they can have in boosting the human body’s immunity.  

If you do take covid dietary supplements make sure that you follow them in the prescribed amounts. It is highly advisable to start incorporating covid supplements into your daily routine.  

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