Collagen Supplements – Why take them?

Jun 17 , 2021

Gerard Lynch

Collagen Supplements – Why take them?

If you are no stranger to TikTok videos and Reels or are an ardent follower of the famous Beauty Gurus on social media, you might be familiar with the word Collagen.  

Collagen, popularly known as ‘the elixir of youth’ is a structural protein found in mammals.  

Collagen supplements are one of the most popular discoveries that have taken the health and beauty industry by storm recently. While collagen supplements have helped many people in their late 20s and above restore and replenish their skin, it comes with so many added benefits. Collagen can also ease arthritis symptoms, prevent bone loss, improve muscle mass and wound healing, and can work wonders for those who suffer from diabetes. 


But what is Collagen? 

Collagen is a protein found within your body. It can be found commonly in your ligaments, tendons, bones and skin, and also in your teeth, nails, blood vessels and cornea. It is an agent that adds structural stability to the connective tissues in your body. Or in layman terms, a “superglue” that simply holds them together.  


Did you know that 75% of our skin’s support structure comprises Collagen? 

Sadly, with age, Collagen starts to degrade in your body, resulting in the weakening of the connective tissues. Not just age, the lack of a balanced diet, harmful habits like smoking, alcohol intake, and a sedentary lifestyle can all impact the pace of Collagen degradation. When that happens, you may start to notice symptoms like joint pain, stiffness in ligaments and tendons, muscle weakness, wrinkles on the skin and even suffer from gastrointestinal issues.   


This is where collagen supplements come in. 

As we grow older, Collagen production in the body slows down. Our body breaks it down faster and gradually diminishes the ability to produce quality Collagen. Experts say that we lose 1% Collagen every year in our mid-20s. For women who hit menopause the rate of loss is 30% in the first five years.  


Why Collagen Supplements? 

Collagen injectable fillers don’t last long and can have allergic reactions; so is applying it onto the skin externally. The absorption doesn’t work desirably and that is when studies proved that Collagen ingestion can have a desirable impact on the skin. 

In a Study held in 2014, 69 women of age group ranging from 35 – 55 years were given 2.5 – 5 grams of ingestible Collagen for 8 weeks. They showed remarkable improvement in their skin elasticity in comparison with others who didn’t consume it.  

Today, edible Collagen in the form of supplements are gaining popularity across the globe. Every beauty and wellness product you see is designed to enhance the natural Collagen production in your skin. Every health and fitness product you get these days helps in boosting Collagen production inside the body. 

Brands have made it clear that these products are for people who want to glow from within. 
They aren’t lying. 


Does collagen supplements really work? How? 

People take collagen supplements as an easy and effective method to add sufficient Collagen to their diet. This is termed effective because the collagen supplements available in the market have been broken down in the form of peptides, for their easy absorption into the body.  

Collagen supplements are available as powders, capsules and tablets and are readily available online. Please visit our online store to shop. 


What are their benefits? 

There are several health benefits to collagen supplements. Although scientists haven’t unlocked their whole benefits yet, these are six of the proven collagen supplements benefits: 


  • Improving Skin Health 

Collagen supplements for skin can restore the elasticity of your skin, hydrate and reduce dryness and wrinkle formation. Studies state that it can slow down the aging of your skin. Collagen Supplement intake aids in the production of fibrillin and elastin, two other proteins that form the skin’s structure. Rumour has it that it can even treat acne and numerous other skin conditions, but that’s something only time can tell. 


  • Relieving Joint pain 

Collagen maintains the integrity of your cartilage, which is a tissue that protects joints. Collagen supplements can help eliminate risks of degenerative joint disorders as your age progresses. Some studies have shown that it can improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis, reduce joint pain and inflammation.  


  • Preventing bone loss 

Collagen keeps your bones strong. As collagen production diminishes when you age, bone mass deteriorates accordingly. This can in turn invite conditions like osteoporosis and enhance the risk of fractures. Collagen supplements can solve this problem as it improves bone mineral density (BMD), thus restoring the bone’s strength. 


  • Improving muscle mass 

Collagen is essential for the proper functioning and building of your body muscles. Sarcopenia is an age-related condition where one loses muscle mass. Collagen Supplements can help improve muscle mass in people suffering from this condition. Researchers have stated that Collagen intake can help produce creatine, a protein that helps muscles recover quickly during exercise. Something athletes can count on! 


  • Promoting heart health 

Research theories state that having collagen supplements can reduce the risk of heart conditions. Less Collagen in the body can make your arteries weak, leading to atherosclerosis - a condition of narrowing of arteries. Atherosclerosis can lead to stroke and heart attack. Collagen Supplements can reduce the stiffness of arteries and can increase HDL/good cholesterol levels. It is definitely for the weak-hearted.  


  • Other benefits 

People who have been using these supplements have stated numerous other health benefits that are not backed by enough scientific evidence. Some of them are: 

  • Preventing brittleness of nails 
  • Stimulating hair growth 
  • Improving gut health 
  • Reducing anxiety and mood changes 
  • Promoting weight loss 


Are collagen supplements good for you? Do they have any side effects? 

No. There are no risks associated with Collagen Supplement intake as it is such an essential component for a healthy body.  

Although, note that some collagen supplements are made from shellfish, eggs, bone broth and certain fishes. So people who are allergic to these food, in general, must avoid taking supplements made specifically from them, to avoid allergic reactions. 

So, if you have food allergies make sure not to purchase collagen supplements sourced from the food you’re allergic to. Switch to an alternate optionit’s as simple as that! Other than that, they are safe and worth trying due to the numerous benefits it offers. 

Also, if you are pregnant/breastfeeding, make sure that you consult a doctor before taking the supplement. Because there are no studies that state collagen supplements side effects specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Most importantly, choosing a high-quality product from a trusted brand is what matters. Check out our online store to shop for trusted brands. 


How to choose the right Collagen Supplement 

One thing about Collagen Supplement intake that you have to keep in mind is that you can’t choose where collagen will be used in the body. For instance, you might take Collagen Supplement to benefit your skin but if your muscles are deprived of Collagen in an adequate amount, it is unlikely that the supplement you take will reflect on your skin primarily. 

Shop supplements that are antibiotic-free and come from trusted brands. Expensive doesn’t mean healthy automatically, so do consult a dietician if you are confused about choosing a supplement and start including them in your daily routine. 


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